Welcome to the International Association for Anthroposophic Body Therapy!

The IAABT introduces itself. 

The International Association of Anthroposophical Body Therapies was established in Dornach on 17 September 2011. The idea of bringing together all body and movement therapies which incorporate the basic perspectives of anthroposophy in their work has existed for the last twelve years. This meant that the time to be ‘born’ had arrived. In April 2011, during the International Conference of Anthroposophic Physiotherapy and Physical Therapy, all those present approved the establishment of the Association. A group of people then went on to draw up the statutes. These statutes were adopted at the International Annual Conference of the Medical Section in September 2011 and the Association was brought into being with nineteen founding members.

Intention and purpose 

The intention and purpose of the IAABT is to be an information platform. All the body and movement therapies which ‘bear anthroposophy within them’ are encouraged to get to know one another and enter into dialogue. There are many therapists in Germany and some of them undoubtedly know one another. But what about in Australia? In South Africa or Brazil? Many therapists work alone there and would be pleased to know where their nearest colleague is located to exchange views and experiences and find support and strength. 
Moreover, it is the great desire of the Association to promote and publicise anthroposophy in the therapeutic professions. As Ita Wegmann and Rudolf Steiner already wrote in Fundamentals of Therapy: The basis is provided by a knowledge of the human physical body. But an understanding of illness and healing can only arise if that is extended, if that is extended by the soul and spirit. There are projects ongoing in various countries to integrate the anthroposophical foundations into training as a subject. The IAABT promotes and supports these impulses and distributes information to members and interested parties.

IAABT Statutes (pdf)